Meet Nest Thermostat

Your life with Nest is just beginning… By choosing to control your indoor temperature with the Nest thermostat, you also choose to control your energy bill. The Nest thermostat will pay for itself in just two years by saving you thousands of kWh of energy for your household, averaging at about 10-12% of savings on your heating bill and 15% on your air conditioning bill.

This integrative device will learn your home and show you how you can save. How? By showing you a leaf as a helpful indicator to also teach you. On top of this, Nest also records your energy history and is accessible via an application on your smartphone. Wherever you go, Nest is available for you, taking care of your home.

Most importantly, Nest can give you the peace of mind you deserve by always keeping an eye on your safe place. If something is amiss, Nest will send you an alert on your phone. Say temperatures have fallen too low and your pipes are at risk of freezing, no worries; Nest will let you know. If you have pets at home, Nest can help keep in the indoor environment regulated to make sure they also stay comfortable. This innovative thermostat is state-of-the-art, capable of being your home’s temperature guard, filter change reminder, and much more. Get your Nest today and get comfort and safety all in one place.

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